RLG is a full-service law firm with two offices dedicated to defending self-insured groups, self-insured employers, insurance carriers, third party administrators, and employers in workers' compensation cases.

RLG has an AV-Preeminent peer review rating by Martindale-Hubbell, the highest rating possible, signifying the highest level of professional excellence and ethical standards.


We handle all aspects of workers' compensation defense, including cases-in-chief, insurance fraud investigation, §132a penalty petitions, S&W penalty petitions, the appellate process, and lien resolution. We have extensive experience handling catastrophic injury and death claims. We have an in-house lien resolution department that handles the liens phase of cases handled by RLG, as well as other firms.


Long Beach
Los Angeles
Marina Del Rey
San Bernardino
San Diego
San Luis Obispo
Santa Ana
Santa Barbara
Van Nuys


We handle claims involving various industries such as farm labor, construction, restaurants, janitorial, PEO’s, manufacturing, engineering, nursing, aviation, utilities, auto dealerships, drivers, parking lot attendants, horse racing, and more.


We are extremely result-oriented and our goal is to provide the best possible resolution for our clients. We take a very personal interest in our clients and do whatever it takes to ethically protect them. Our clients consider us part of their team and know they are in good hands. For these reasons, we have very strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients.


Our Attorneys

James Rossi


Ali Vassigh

Vice President

Bob Vassigh

Senior Attorney

Larisa S. Mortazavi

Senior Attorney

Laura Andrade

Senior Attorney

Elizabeth Ewert

Senior Attorney

Edward Cho

Senior Attorney

Cassandra Franco

Associate Attorney

Mindi Leigh Redden

Associate Attorney

Jared Tsai

Senior Attorney

Kevin Haroon

Associate Attorney

Heather Thielen

Associate Attorney

Michael Connolly

Associate Attorney

Payam Mahram

Associate Attorney

Erin Cedillo

Associate Attorney


Catrina Robblee


Manuel Salas


Tamera Rothenwander


Brittany Robinson

Paralegal / Hearing Rep

Miranda Rodriguez


Douglas Newbill

Hearing Rep

Lien Resolution Department

We have an in-house lien resolution department that handles the liens phase of cases handled by RLG, and other firms.

  • Lien Phase

    After the case-in-chief phase of a claim is completed, the liens phase becomes the focus. RLG has an in-house lien department which handles not only the liens phase of RLG files, but also lien-defense-only referrals from other firms.

  • Our Process

    RLG attorneys defend each case-in-chief claim mindful of the liens phase following resolution. Relevant information obtained during litigation-- defenses, favorable medical reports, impeachment evidence, etc., is developed and evaluated by the case-in-chief attorney and then passed on to the lien department. Armed with the evidence necessary to defend the liens, the lien attorneys then take over the claim. The RLG lien department provides each client with a detailed report and evaluation of every lien, and works diligently to effectively conclude the liens phase.

  • We Can Handle Your Liens

    Often, despite the case-in-chief being handled by other firms, our clients refer files to RLG for the liens phase. Our liens attorneys evaluate the defenses, provide a thorough report and evaluation of every lien, and begin the process of quickly and effectively resolving the liens.

Legal Resources

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Other Useful Resources

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We have two offices in Southern California. Please forward all correspondence to the Simi Valley location

Simi Valley, CA


Primarily servicing the following WCAB Offices: Oxnard, Bakersfield, Van Nuys, Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo

4119 Guardian St.
Simi Valley, CA 93063
Toll Free: (866) 279 - 9651
Main Office: (805) 791-2299
Fax: (805) 246-1545

Ontario, CA


Primarily servicing the following WCAB Offices: San Bernardino, Riverside, Pomona, Santa Ana, Anaheim, and San Diego

430 N. Vineyard Ave, Suite 320
Ontario, CA 91764
Toll Free: (866) 279 - 9651
Main Office: (805) 791-2299
Fax: (805) 246-1545